Petr Weigl portrait.jpg

Petr Weigl - Artist

Delivering extraordinary work internationally over two decades, Petr Weigl continues to both innovate and excite his clientele. Weigl’s unique background, multi-material, and modular approach place him perfectly to manage large complex commissions or simply create perfectly placed artwork.


Inspiration: Nature & Psychology

Petr Weigl draws inspiration from his physical and emotional experiences, processed into thoughts, observations and abstracted through creation. Weigl compares mother nature and her intricate mathematical patterns to parallels within our own psychology. We are incredibly complex structures, with myriad randomised outcomes based on; environment, genetics, biology, chance & time. So we are infinitely interesting, wonderful, and tragic.


“I am compelled to think deeply, question, and formulate. I am on the path and living my truth” Petr Weigl 2022