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Petr Weigl portrait.jpg

Petr Weigl

With over 20 years of experience delivering exceptional work globally, Petr Weigl continues to push boundaries and captivate his audience. His unique style, which combines a range of materials and a modular approach, allows him to handle complex commissions and create stunning pieces of art.

Inspired by nature and psychology, Petr Weigl transforms his physical and emotional experiences into thought-provoking works of art. He explores the similarities between the intricate patterns in nature and the complexity of the human psyche.

"I am driven to delve deep, question, and create. I am living my truth," says Petr Weigl

Petr Weigl Associates

At Petr Weigl Associates, we bring added value to our clients by providing insights into the world of web3. As these cutting edge technologies are poised to transform the business world, including the art industry, we offer expert advice around digital assets and strategies to create impactful marketing opportunities and enhance ownership of your commissioned pieces.

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