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Petr Weigl is an award-winning artist specialising in remarkable contemporary art pieces created in concrete, glass and ceramics. Son of a Czech √©migr√© born in England, Petr trained as a graphic designer before following his muse and dedicating himself to ceramics at Central St. Martin’s. Exploring the potential of many different materials and techniques led Petr to chose concrete as one of his mediums. Unexpectedly, Weigl found himself following in his father’s footsteps. Weigl senior, a civil engineer by trade, was one of the foremost experts in Yield Line Theory (a method for the design and assessment of suspended reinforced concrete slabs). In a neat completion of the circle, Petr’s first one-man exhibition was sponsored by The Concrete Centre, the publishers of his father’s influential textbook on Yield Line Theory. His ‘But a Moment’ collection is dedicated to the memory of his late father. Following his graduation, Petr set up his studio in North London and has undertaken many commissions both at home and abroad. Four of his pieces feature in the prestigious Coutt’s Collection. He has also designed the Royal Institute of British Architects, Lubetkin Prize plaque for the last four years. Exclusively represented by the Belgravia Gallery in Mayfair, examples of his elegant work can be found all over the world. Much sought after by cognoscenti, his work has seen a rapid increase in value in recent years.




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Petr undertakes both private and commercial commissions If you would like to commission him to create a unique artwork for you, please get in touch using the Contact page. You’ll find yourself in good company, below you’ll find a selection of recent clients and commissions. There are six collections from which you can commission artworks, handcrafted to order in his London studio. Sealed with the Byzantine symbol of the double-headed eagle, each piece is unique thanks to the singular process that forms it. As part of the process, Petr may visit the site where the work is to be displayed to consider the space and make preparatory sketches, ensuring the piece is in harmony with its environment. Once the work is complete, it is delivered and hung by his expert team of art movers and installers.

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